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It's been a while since I posted. I've been investing a lot of my focus and energy on launching 5 Instagram accounts:

1) MauiTrashTheDress

2) MauiLGBTQWeddingPhotography

3) RichardMarksPhoto

4 MauiHawaiiWEddingPhotographer

5) MauiFamilyPhotographer

* Sad to say my very first Instagram account I had which was richardmarksimages was hacked so richardmarksphoto has been created in it's place.

I've been blessed to have a rich variety of shoots as of late from the new cover for the summer edition of The Maui Vision Magazine, (my 19th front cover) to family shoots,

Summer 2017 Maui Vision Cover

I've done several family shoots in the past 3 weeks, one with a family of 14, several beach weddings and a promotional shoot with Miss Hawaii-America for a dear artist friend Christina DeHoff, who is launching her Permissions Clothing line on June 21, summer solstice. I'll post a link to her website at that time. I was the only photographer Christina chose so all the photos featured on the website are mine.

Last but not least, I finally got my new underwater housing for one of my professional Canon Cameras wet and I put it to work capturing images of lovely model and dancer, Keiko from Tokyo. I shot 1111 photos and here is one of the pics of my litter:

I'll be back with more photos from recent shoots as I play catch up with my blog.

I'm looking forward to doing a photo shoot with 12 time Grammy nominee, Peter Kater at the end of next week as well as a full day wedding next week!

If you have any questions about my photography services or wish to book a photo-session, please know that I am here for you!

Richard Marks, MA

call/text 1-808-298-4297

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