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Miss Wheelchair Hawaii-Sarah Foley

Ms Wheelchair Hawaii


A few weeks ago, I was blessed to do a photo shoot with Sarah Foley, Miss Wheelchair Hawaii. She chose to do the shoot with a Marilyn Monroe inspired styling.

Sarah is an incredible person, and truly inspiring to all she touches, sharing messages about surmounting any of the obstacles and challenges life presents.

When I shared a few of the photos from our shoot with Eric Richter, the owner of The Maui Vision Magazine, he immediately asked if he could use Sarah's photos for the next cover of his magazine which will be released in September and will be available all over Maui for free.

Sarah has written an article for this magazine that will be guaranteed to cast a beautiful light to the challenges we all face as humans on this beautiful planet. I strongly suggest you pick up a copy if you are on Maui.

If you are off island, I will add an online link to the magazine when it is released.

With warmest aloha,

Richard Marks, MA

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